Supermodernist visual repository. A collection of various imagery I enjoy, as seen on Instagram. Occasional cats included. Curated by Andrei Györfi.
collide. - 914k
Range ready - studiomr
- boyce
An escape route. #vscocam - _f7
#greece #santorini #sonyqx100 #beautifuldestinations #thegoldlist  hotel Iliovasilema Santorini - vangelispaterakis
- twotimeselliott
Shibuya. - collate
leaf. - 914k
- gmunk
A is for Asian. White or Black? #madebyanonymous - madebyanonymous
Our More or Less collection for @sans_form has launched! Thanks Andrea for the invitation! — #madebyanonymous - madebyanonymous #madebyanonymous - madebyanonymous
A is for Asian — Work in progress. The stereotype that all Asians look the same is similar to the misconception that all sans serif fonts look the same. #madebyanonymous - madebyanonymous
Daddddd stop working and come play with me already!! Note: side profile of this shot is available in dad’s Dayre blog 😄 download Dayre app and search for Sixtysix 😉 - rokuthecat
WIP #mobile #design #web - studiomr
No.17 — Turn, 2012 #alogoaday - mashcreative